We have to have a message stating clearly what we stand for at the National , State and County level.

We have to include many many more minority group members within the close working ranks and leadership of the Party, the Afro-American-community, the Hispanic Community, the LGBT community, young professionals, women, educators, union members, environmentalists, college and university students, small farmers and small business people.

We have to communicate through the internet, yes, but it is not the only media.We must do a much better job at communicating to independents and moderate Republicans (if any have survived.)

We have to make sure our messages are easy to understand, clear and direct.

We must build a WORKING coalition with organizations who share our views.

We must have plans to get people to the polls and help them overcome Republican roadblocks.

We must communicate with WELL DONE satire about the looney tune positions of the Tea Party and Republicans.

We must recapture our rural legislative seats.




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We are the party of policies that focus on people, not the party of propaganda focused on concentrating power.


A majority of Americans identify themselves as conservative, while ...


Keep hammering the specifics and we can build this coalition that WORKS to remove from power the coalition of jerks.






Actually the Republicans use Focus Group TESTED emotional words,phrases and arguments vs the Democrats standard facts and figures  AND Emotion wins over logic every time with voters .I would  suggest you can all get up to speed by reading Drew Westin's " The Political Brain" The role of deciding .... ANY Good Ad agency will tell you that EMOTION sells a product (and that is really all a candidate is" and not facts or figures. Try this at home, actually look at the content of ads then analyze your feelings about the ad.Ads,emotionally charged wors apeal to the basic Nature of humans which supersedes rational thought and until Democrats learn this basic truth, We will continue to lose elections!!
On thing I feel is important, and that is, getting people to the polls.  When we had the majority here people were very active...But that group is now sitting on the side lines.  Many with health problems...some have just given up, after hearing over and over  "my vote won't count anyway" some it is difficult for them because of their bad health to even get to the polls...And as long as we allow Repubicans to purge voter rolls they will continue to stay home....Now with having to show (recognised, approved) ID it will only get worse.
It starts with energized, focused, dedicated leadership who can recruit, inspire and persevere and who is willing to build coalitions and let other people lead also.

We must give people a REASON to vote for Democrats. Just running candidates that are almost like the Republicans or republican Light, will now  just about always lose. To motivate people we must learn to use emotional charged messaging to move the  people off of the side lines again,  Understand this first- I have been working with the Imam at the Murfreesboro Mosque along with  a  Laotian friend we  have been helping them behind the scenes. .. 

Here is an example of something that is coming down the pike:

The Republican controlled State legislature  has passed or will be passing a new "education reform" Any Religious organization , without oversight, may obtain two million dollars of tax payer money to start a school as long as they have four hundred students.

Democrats will immediately argue that we must have the separation of Church and State and will start quoting facts and figures.


 I would go about it this way.."I really think religious organization serve our community well and they do a lot of r good work but you know I  have a problem with a Muslim Mosque being able to get two million dollars to start a Madrasa.After all they are a religion with over billion people....


So why did I use those particular words? The Republicans have emotionally rendered the words Muslims, Mosques and Madrasa to mean TERRORISTS. When those words are spoken most people will immediately  "emotionally"associated   those word as Terrorist.". .

So to defeat the measure, we have to appeal to people using the Republican's  own key emotionally defined words  and reverse it on them or in   my definition "Verbal Judo"

In my book the only safe vote is for a Progressive, however their  number's are small by comparison, but they don't give up   In the early days I cheked out the Blue dogs, I thought biparisanship was the way to go.  It was only after I saw first hand where the BD's were taking us I moved further left in my thinking.  The Blue Dogs should have been nutered early on.  I am not saying their ideas were not good, but one would think, the party leaders  should have seen what I saw....I don't have a problem with seperation of Church and State as such, I realize they do a lot of good but handing them two million dollars is not good by any strech.  You are correct when you say, people need a reason to vote, and the Dem voice is now all but gone, they are speaking louder now then they have in years but it is an up hill battle,  It is pass time to go along to get along.   We need to be shouting and jumping up and down, in unison.

We have heard This time and time again but never heard the numbers....


GOP leaders keep chanting the mantra that ending such egregious tax breaks would kill jobs. That’s baloney. The tax breaks at issue are not creating jobs, and they didn’t under the Bush administration, which had a lousy job record.


How many jobs were created under the Bush Administration?

How many jobs were lost under the Bush Administration?

How many jobs were outsourced on Bush's watch? 


If you have any of theis info from a reliable source please post it, or if you have any similar questions plase ASK if we put our heads toether we might find some answers If you find anything useful please post a link....THANKS

The Republican Job Creators Myth


The Metrics of National Dcline
By Patrick J. Buchanan


Final returns are now in on the eight years of George Bush. Charles McMillion of MBG Information Services has crunched the numbers. And, pace Kudlow, the only relevant comparison is to Herbert Hoover.

From January 2008, right after Kudlow’s column ran, through January 2009, the U.S. economy lost 3.5 million jobs. The private sector loss of 3.65 million jobs was slightly offset by 148,000 jobs created by federal, state and local governments. Say what you will, the Bush years were boom times for Big Government.

And the private sector? Beginning and ending in recession, the Bush presidency added a net of 407,000 private sector jobs over eight years, less than 51,000 a year, the worst eight-year record since 1927-35, which includes the first six years of the Great Depression.

By January 2009, the average workweek had fallen to 33.3 hours, the lowest since record keeping began in 1964.

From Jan. 31, 2001, through Jan. 31, 2009, 4.4 million manufacturing jobs, 26 percent of all of the manufacturing jobs in the United States, disappeared.

More at link:


Decline in US Manufacturing employment

I only caught a small part of Thom's show today. He debated a Tea Partier regarding US manufacturing.

It turns out that the US Labor Department tracks US manufacturing employment on it's web site and if you plot the numbers, it shows a shocking 34% decline in the last 10 years.  Here is  source data from the Bureau of Labor statistics web site. And here it is on a graph showing 1970 to 2010.

It is a useful companion to Senator Bernie Sanders' quote that in the 8 years of the GW Bush adminstration, we closed over 42,000 factories in the US. This came from an American Prospect article by Richard McCormack:



What is the national Democratic party doing to help TN? The 50 state strategy seems to have fallen to the wayside when Howard Dean left. Here in east TN I go to the polls and Republicans are running unopposed, or in the case of the Corker race there was a Tea Party/Libertarian running on the Dem ticket. I find it hard to understand how Mark E. Clayton managed to win the Democratic primary for Senate. Then the best the party can do is tell us not to vote for him!  I know progressives are in the minority around here. The only way we can change that is to get the message out that so-called conservatism isn't the ONLY viewpoint there is. We must show people we have sensible ideas and are working for a fair, equitable democracy. I agree with some of the other writers here, a Dem trying to run as a conservative is no option. Only progressive thought can get us out of the Conservative rut we are stuck in.


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