I shall be the most Ultra Conservative -Democrat west of the Tennessee River!

If the public option insurance part of health care reform fails then you are going to be looking at a new man. I will be a very very active lobbyist {although I have no major money behind me which is a must to be effective}. Although I believe that a public option is a must it seems the majority in my district is against a public option and basically against any reforms whatsoever. So if it fails , I shall call Sen. Corker, Sen. Alexander, and Congressman Tanner to all sponsor bills that make all Federal employees {including themselves} pay for their health insurance themselves and take that huge burden off of us taxpayers!! I shall also ask for them to privatize all fire and police departments, because after all they would operate so much better without a government bureacrat in between me and my police officer! They should operate alot better with a CEO in charge of them. Maybe taxpayers shouldn't pay for their services anymore. Maybe we all need to buy law enforcement insurance to pay for their service if and when we need police protection. Also maybe the school systems need to be privatized, maybe we should sell them all to Fortune 500 companies. That way people pay for their service as they need it. I don't know about you folks but do you want a government bureaucrat in between you and your teacher? While we are at it maybe the government should sale all the roads,highways and bridges to a private company and they could set up checkpoint at every mile marker and you pay per mile that you drive on that companies road. I could go on and on.............. But maybe the teabaggers,birthers and anti-health care protesters are on to something. Do you think???? Naaaaa......... maybe not.

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That's often been my reply to them when they say they don't want to Socialize medicine! They're playing into our hands if we turn it around to "Do you have your own private police department?" "If your neighbor's house was on fire, would you call the Socialist fire department, or would you do nothing? If you do nothing, will you call your own fire department if the fire spreads to your own house?" " Do you have your own private highways? If not, get off the public roadways since you don't want to pay tax for socialist projects!" "Do you have your own hospital, if not why not since the hospitals wouldn't be what they are without public funding." Most of them were built with a whole lot of tax dollars and subsidies, and to pretend they didn't is just stupid.
As to socialist medicine, insurance is by nature socialist. The many pay into the system through their premiums, and most don't reap the benefit, but a few do have many medical bills paid out. We buy fire insurance and auto insurance hoping we'll never use it. The difference is that we KNOW that sooner or later we'll get sick, and that the odds increase with age. Of course we never know when we'll have an accident that will disable us physically, either, and that will take many hours of therapy, and we don't know if we'll ever be well in that case.
Is sad, isn't it, Susan? Our cars and homes are better insured than our citizens, and we are bound by law, required to purchase, automobile insurance. We are required to purchase it by the lenders as well, and required to purchase homeowners insurance by the corporate lenders. I don't hear them screaming that corporations should have no right to require that we purchase homeowners insurance. I don't hear the wing nuts screaming that being required to buy automobile insurance is taking away our freedoms and a government handout to automobile insurance companies. But the requirement to be personally insured against illness, disease that can spread to other citizens, that's somehow communism. When I asked about the fire departments, I got shot back with "fire protection is not a right in the constitution, its a state service" by somebody who really doesn't comprehend the "provide for the general welfare of the people." One would think the people's general welfare included their health, because having "welfare" means you are well, in its literal sense.

Meanwhile, Susan, a scientific study released in November, a completely apolitical study with no partisan agenda, says that 45,000 people die every year in the USA for lack of health coverage. That equals one person every 8 or 9 seconds. In the time it took to write this post to you, a dozen people in the USA died for lack of health coverage.


The stories are everywhere. Its shameful. People show up at town hall meetings with the president armed with firearms, to protest this from stopping. The same people will march at anti-abortion rallies with pictures of aborted fetuses, but they don't say a word about the 45,000 Americans who die from lack of health insurance after they are born in this country. I guess one's right to life ends at birth in the USA.
Visit Madison County's website and let Congressman Tanner know how you feel now, the Tanner Questionaire is on there now.


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