Republican Base Heavily White, Conservative, Religious

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Wow, these findings are not suprising. One fault with the Gallop pole is that much of the younger sort do not have land lines, Gallop is not permitted to call cell phones. With out a differentiation of age, this survey could be expressing the views and positions of the older population, perhaps leading Republican elected officials to think their base is solid and will be solid for longer than what is realistic.

If this report does take age into consideration, what does it say about the Republican Party? Does this mean minorities do not feel welcomed by the Republican Party or that minorities are more aware of the absurdity of Republican theories? How can minorities feel welcome when the blow-hards that represent the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hanity, Glen Beck, etc. tear at the hearts and character of anyone female, non white?

The Republican Party has dwendled to the extremists views of the Evangelicals, which has nothing to do with the middle majority. Those with compassion and a modern world view have fled. The Democratic Party is wise to learn from Republican mistakes and represent the middle.


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