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TNDP Summit House Party Guide


This spring, something special happened in Jackson at the Tennessee Values Summit. Democrats and progressive leaders from across state came together to discuss our core beliefs and plan a way forward.


The Values Summit was only the beginning. We want to continue this conversation in your community.


At dozens of gatherings across the state, participants will view portions of the Values Summit, including a DVD of Dr. Drew Westen, a political communications guru who will teach you how to more effectively speak about your Democratic values.  Following the screening, guests will begin planning steps for taking action in their communities to share those Democratic values with friends and neighbors.


Click here to sign up to host an event.



Step 1: Click here to download your Values Summit House Party Kit.

Then take a moment to register your event online. Click "+Add" in the upper right corner. Registering your event online means you’ll get your own page for your event, be able to send an invite to your friends, track who is planning on attending, and send details and reminders to your attendees.


Here are some things to keep in mind while creating your event:

  • Be specific about the location and date of your house party.
  • Make sure to limit the number of RSVPs to the amount of people you can provide for and have room to accommodate comfortably.

Step 2:
Invite Friends, Neighbors, and Colleagues.

Start with people you know. Think about friends, neighbors, and Democrats involved with your county party. Next, think about people who may not have been involved in the past, but are concerned about our state's future.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Submit a media advisory (included in your house party kit) to local media outlets.
  • Create an event on Facebook and share the event with your friends and your local Democratic Party.
  • Email your local My.BarackObama group and invite members to attend.
  • Create your own event flyers and post them at your local coffee shop, grocery store, or library (as allowed).

Encourage all of your attendees to RSVP through your event page so you know how many people to expect. Send an email to all of your attendees by emailing them from your event page a day or two before your house party to remind everyone of the event’s details.


Step 3: Get your Materials in Order

There are some things you should have ready before your TNDP Summit house meeting.
  • Sign-in Sheets: This is the form that you will want to have all your attendees use to sign in. Download the form.
  • Camera or Video Camera: Take pictures or create a video to document your house party. Share them with us after the event by posting them in your profile pictures or create a Youtube account for your video.

You'll find a detailed agenda to guide your meeting in the house party kit.

Closing and Next Steps – 5 minutes
  • Collect all sign-in sheets: Ask your guests to continue to collect ideas and strategies from their family and friends and report them back to us. Thank your guests for their involvement and participation.
  • Capture Information: Enter your sign-in sheets online.


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