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TNDP 'Save Our State' Regional Trainings
This year, the TNDP is joining with counties across Tennessee to provide regional trainings for county party leaders and local activists. These intensive one-day trainings will cover a variety of topics, including Votebuilder, Grassroots & Precinct Training, Fundraising & Finance Law, Message & Media, Youth Outreach & Online Organizing, Rural Organizing & Messaging, Candidate Recruitment, and Campaign Management 101.

It is free to attend the trainings if you register before the event. Otherwise the cost is $20.00. Donations are appreciated so we can continue to provide these trainings across the State.

Each day of training will also include Lunch Speakers - click on the "Training Agenda" links below to see who the confirmed speakers are for each training. Continue to check back on this page as more speakers confirm as we get closer to the event dates. Lunch will be provided for attendees at cost.

If you are interested in attending please register online (button to the left) or call the TNDP 615-327-9779.

December 5th: Memphis
Shelby County (Surrounding Counties, and US House District 9*)
Board of Eduction for Memphis City Schools
2597 Avery Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112
Time: 9AM-4:00PM
The Agenda

*other surrounding counties are welcome at these trainings. The divisions only indicated for our organizational purposes.

If you are a County Chair or an Executive Committee Member and your part of the state is not on this list and you would like a training in your area, please contact the TNDP. In order to have a training in your area, someone from the region must be willing and available to help coordinate the logistics locally. Contact Jennifer at jennifer@tndp.org for additional information.

Paper Registration:here

While these events are free for all the registrants, they do cost money to prepare. Help the TNDP offset the costs of these events by donating $5, $10, or even $50. You can help the TNDP hold these trainings across the state by donating here:

If you would prefer to send in your donation in by mail, simply make out your check to "TNDP" and fill out this form. Send your Check and Form to:

Tennessee Democratic Party
223 Rosa Parks Blvd #200
Nashville, TN 37203

*Be sure to write SOS somewhere on the form to indicate you want your donation spent on trainings.
http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=cnZFMC1TUkdLR2ZMVmwzY3hieFdYbkE6MA.. http://www.actblue.com/page/saveourstate"

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