Standing with Teachers


I stand with Teachers! I support our educators and stand against those who are trying to take away rights from hard working people. I call on you, my state legislators, to protect teachers' rights.

Tell us why you stand with Teachers:

In addition to signing this petition I will support Teachers by...
call or visit my state representative and senator
write letters to the editor
participate in a phone bank
forward on information about this issue to everyone I know

All over this nation, extreme tea party politicians are pushing a radical anti-worker and anti-education agenda that attacks the fundamental rights of working people.

We must push back! Protesters in Wisconsin are proving that people, like you and me, can make a difference.

More than ever, we need to stand united against these proposals in Tennessee. If we don't raise our voices, Tennessee teachers will have their voices taken away.

Tell your state legislators: I stand with teachers.

Show your solidarity with Tennessee teachers and working people across the nation! Here's how to get involved:


The Tennessee Democratic Party has a petition supporting teacher rights that will be sent to the state legislature.

ATTEND AN EVENT (We Will Keep this Section Updated)

Several groups are hosting events at the state legislature in Nashville over the coming days. We will add information here as we hear about events where you can show up and have your voice heard.

We Are One: Respect Our Rights
What: Join with AFL-CIO to Stand in Solidarity with Working People
When: Monday, April 4
Where: For more information go here


Reaching out to your legislators can help to make a difference in whether these bills are passed or not. This can be done by calling them, sending an e-mail, writing a letter or faxing them a note.

Send a message: Our elected leaders should be working to create jobs—not attacking workers.

Republican Members of the Education Committee
The ones who most strongly need to hear from you.
Find your own Legislator
Rep. Harry Brooks: (615) 741-6879
Rep. Kevin Brooks: (615) 741-1350
Rep. Joe Carr, Secretary: (615) 741-2180
Rep. Bill Dunn: (615) 741-1721
Rep. John Forgety: (615) 741-1725
Rep. Joey Hensley, Vice-Chair: (615) 741-7476
Rep. Ron Lollar: (615) 741-7084
Rep. Debra Maggart: (615) 741-3893
Rep. Richard Montgomery, Chair: (615) 741-5981
Rep. Dennis Powers: (615) 741-3335
Rep. John Ragan: (615) 741-4400
Rep. Ryan Williams: (615) 741-1875

*will take you to the General Assembly Webpage


Share with your friends, neighbors and colleagues the reasons why we all should care about the attack on workers.

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