What is VoteBuilder?

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VoteBuilder: The Indispensible Tool for Winning Elections

One of the most valuable services Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP) offers is access to the VoteBuilder electronic voter database. VoteBuilder contains a wealth of information about registered voters in any election district in the state.

Candidates who subscribe to VoteBuilder can use this powerful online system to identify voters, create lists (for walking, mailing, phone banks, or emailing), and store voter survey information.

VoteBuilder is operated by the TNDP in partnership with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In fact, the TNDP has the exclusive agreement with the DNC to provide VoteBuilder to subscribing Democratic candidates throughout Tennessee.

Who Can Use VoteBuilder?

There is no race too big (statewide and congressional races) or too small (county-wide, precinct-wide, school board races, etc.) for VoteBuilder. Barack Obama’s campaign uses the system all over the country. Statewide Democratic candidates like Governor Phil Bredesen and Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. have used VoteBuilder in the past, as have state senators, state representatives, mayors, and county candidates.

The TNDP provides Democratic county parties with the ability to use VoteBuilder at no charge so that they can access their county-wide information.

Qualified Democratic candidates for any office in Tennessee, whether statewide, congressional, county-wide or smaller, may access VoteBuilder if they subscribe to it and pay the scheduled fee to the TNDP.

What's in VoteBuilder and What Can It Do?

VoteBuilder contains information on all voters in Tennessee, including name, residence, mailing address, likely party, age, phone number, and voting history.

VoteBuilder’s voter lists and other information are updated several times a year using voter registration data from the Tennessee Division of Elections. During the course of campaigns, the basic voter registration information is enhanced with data obtained from other sources, such as additional phone numbers, address corrections, certain consumer information, interests particular voters have, and precinct voting characteristics. The system can be used to create walk, mailing and phone lists for subscribing campaigns. VoteBuilder users can also create detailed maps for walkers.

Users of VoteBuilder can conduct surveys while canvassing voters. The survey information can then be stored into VoteBuilder with iPhones, iPod Touches, or Palm Pilots for future use.

VoteBuilder makes it easy for users that work on the same campaign committee to share information with each other, while shielding it from workers on other committees and campaigns.

What Do I Need to Use VoteBuilder?

You simply need a computer and an internet connection. VoteBuilder can be accessed using any modern web browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems.

What If I Have Questions About How to Use VoteBuilder?

Democratic candidates and political committees who subscribe to VoteBuilder and are permitted to use the system by the TNDP get access to trained and experienced support personnel to answer questions and help troubleshoot.

How Do I Subscribe to Tennessee VoteBuilder?

Access to Tennessee VoteBuilder is regulated by the TNDP. To be a permitted user, a political committee or candidate must:

  1. Be for the benefit of the Democratic Party, Democratic political committees, or campaigns endorsed by the TNDP;
  2. Be authorized to use VoteBuilder by the TNDP;
  3. Agree to the VoteBuilder agreement; and,
  4. Pay the required fees

If you're ready to get started with VoteBuilder, click here for more information.

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