The Tennessee Democratic Party is proud to announce the formation of the TNDP Women’s Leadership Council. 

Our Mission:
To empower Tennessee women through a coordinated partnership with all levels of the Tennessee Democratic Party.  Studies show that women’s political participation and representation increase women’s ability to influence gender equality policies.  Therefore, our caucus seeks to provide a voice in decision making in Tennessee, resulting in more gender-sensitive and women-friendly policies. Through engagement and activism, the Women’s Leadership Council will give a voice to women’s concerns and act to ensure that women’s interests are represented in Tennessee Democratic Party affairs.

The Women’s Leadership Council is the Tennessee Democratic Party’s primary female engagement mechanism.  We seek to increase political participation of women in all activities of Tennessee politics. In particular, we seek to expand female representation through:

1.  Voter registration and education

2.  Fundraising

3.  Candidate training

4.  Community activism

5.  Civic engagement

6.  Policies that focus on women’s employment, healthcare, equal pay, etc.

The Women’s Leadership Council is designed to engage and organize Tennessee women, on both a state and local level.  Instrumental in this process is the relationship between the women on the Council and their communities.  The caucus will serve as a liaison between the community and Tennessee politicians and will provide the leadership to guide the next generation of female activists.

Also, we will practice fundraising at all levels, from grassroots base building to high value events.  By engaging our communities, we will build a network of politically aware and motivated individuals, ready to take the initiative to organize and register voters. The Council will be instrumental in identifying viable female candidates at all levels of office. 

We will assist in the training of these candidates and provide the resources to run strong campaigns and fight for victories. By cultivating relationships with elected officials, community leaders, and political activists, the Women’s Leadership Council will be a strong presence in all aspects of community outreach.

All of these actions feed into our goal of creating a well-represented, highly motivated, actively engaged political instrument. We are a high energy, results-orientated body, determined to change the face of politics in Tennessee.

To learn more about the TNDP Women’s Leadership Council, please contact

us at 615-327-9779

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