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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America meeting

This Saturday, January 24, the Tennessee Chapter of Moms demand Action for Gun Sense in America will be meeting at East End Methodist Church from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. The meeting place will be at 1212 Holly St. in Nashville 37206. The meeting will include information concerning existing gun laws in Tennessee as well as what will be proposed in the current session of the Legislature.



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Absolutely Horrid Idea, Sets the Nation Back 150 Years

   Senator Alexander (R-TN), has introduced legislation that eliminates any obligation of any State to provide equitable access for all students to effective teachers, high-quality curricula and instruction, college preparatory courses, or indeed any of the hallmarks of a world-class education. To make matters worse, he removes any provisions empowering parents, communities, or the federal government to do anything…


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We MUST have better Communication with the voters.

During the last several years the Democratic Party, nationally, and in several states, have spent most of their communication resources attacking the Republican officeholders. It has not been particularly effective, if we use election results, except for the President. The attacks have not been relevant to the interests of the voters or very well done. As important, if not more so, our communication resources have not been well spent on telling our story, why we are better for the needs and…


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A TNDP Trailblazer

I’m more than half way through my first full week as chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party and what an exhilarating week it’s been! So far I’ve met with staff (together and individually), talked on the phone a lot, helped to rally the troops at the …


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Democracy depends on a strong middle class

The middle class is under attack by the financiers, bankers and corporate giants like the Koch brothers. Why else would there be such a push by Republicans and their puppeteers to repeal The Volker Rule that intends to minimize the chance of banks/bankers putting this country into another recession like in 2008? The previous check on banks, Glass-Steagall Act, limited the banking industry's ability to conduct commercial banking and investment banking. This act, passed as a result of the…


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Republicans tortured by Senate Torture Report

Needless to say, the GOP continues to circle the wagons even ten years later to avoid taking responsibility and being accountable for the acts of torture committed under the guise of "enhanced interrogation techniques."  Not only are they acts of torture, but rise to the level of war crimes for which the shills on the right will do anything to keep the actors from facing the world court--both of public opinion and legal tribunals.


But then, the last time an imperial…


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Party Officers

These are the officers who were elected on Saturday that I found by searching various news outlets:

Mary Mancini – Chair

John Litz – Vice Chair

Gail Jones Carson - Secretary

Wade Mundy – Treasurer

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??NEW TNDP Chairman??

I heard Mary Mancini was elected TNDP chairman on 6/10/2015.

?Is it true?

We had terrific candidates and it seemed like a good process of candidacy and voting.

Mary will do a terrific job if it is true.

Terry and Lenda would also have done terrific work.

Hope to see big changes and lots of 2015 activity as we recruit candidates for 2016 at the local, state and federal level.

Added by Mary M Headrick on January 11, 2015 at 1:15pm — 1 Comment

The Tennessee Hall Income tax

With the beginning of the new year--and new legislative session manned by some of the most reactionary forces in history, it is a given that the legislature will be pursuing the elimination of the Hall income tax.   With the constitutuional amendment barring any form of income tax, it is a given that the Hall income tax will be next--especially since it targets the wealthy "job creator" class who contributed record funds to the election campaigns of the GOP.


The Hall income…


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Corporate taxes--and corporate benefits?

I read with interest about the various corporations which are proposing moving their "headquarters" function to other nations with lower taxes to avoid paying taxes to the United States government.  This puzzles me.


One of the tenets of our foreign policy is to maintain stable access to international markets for United States corporations. This means keeping the sea lanes open and preventing other nations from blocking access to their markets. The most powerful means to do…


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The Democratic Party in TN must concentrate on getting out the vote in the next two years

We must work on getting out the vote. We lost a Congressional seat to Lamar Alexander, who got 849,629 votes. Yet, if everyone who voted for Obama in 2008 voted for Gordon Ball, he could have gotten 960,709 votes, a win! Somehow, someway we need to do this. Registering people should also be a priority. Less than half of adults in TN vote (using 2008 election data of total votes for all candidates for President). Registering people will have an impact for several election cycles and should be…


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Do not let Republicans run unopposed in Tennessee

Please read the article below. I found it very exciting in what it said because of a long-term issue I've had with the Democratic Party about letting Republicans run unopposed. The reason that so many positions are unopposed is because a Democrat would, with almost certainty, lose in those areas. What this article says is to embrace that certainty but to nevertheless use the campaign to tell our story. In 2016 your campaign can be also used to help elect a Democratic President. Members, if…


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When the "right" meets the "left"

I remember learning in high school about the evil communists and how they ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist.  I remember studying their election system--that they demanded everyone vote, but there was but one candidate approved by the Communist Party.  It was a very democratic system--except the government's power rested completely with one party--and dissent usually resulted in banishment to Siberia.  One teacher said that someday, the Soviet Union (left) would be more like the…


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Didn't do too well in the election yesterday, did we? Three of my friends, all of whom were incumbents, were re-elected but in terms of growth for the Democratic Party in Tennessee, it's not happenin…

Didn't do too well in the election yesterday, did we? Three of my friends, all of whom were incumbents, were re-elected but in terms of growth for the Democratic Party in Tennessee, it's not happening. I've got a really strange idea. Why don't we start acting like Democrats, not Republican Wannabes? Do you know that you can be fired from a job in Tennessee just for being Gay? Do you know that the minimum wage in Tennessee is not legislated at the state level? Arkansas just passed a minimum…


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Gordon Ball Visits Crossville

On Sunday, November 2, 2014 Gordon Ball, Democratic candidate for US Senate, brought his bus tour to Crossville to hold a debate with Danny Page, Independent candidate, and Lamar Alexander, Republican candidate. No-Show Lamar chose not to participate in this event. The audience was asked to write down questions for the candidates. Mr. Ball and Mr. Page presented opening statements, then the moderator gave each candidate the opportunity to respond to the written questions. The candidates…


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Confronting Lamar--It's NOT TOO LATE!!

Listening to the various sides of the issues and the name calling by Lamar Alexander makes me sick. It is so easy to turn his arguments on their head and prevail.


Mr. Ball is just another vote for Obama is a little misleading. Perhaps Lamar should state that his votes against Obama, and for legislation passed in the House is contrary to everything this country stands on. How many Tea Party initiatives have been passed multiple times only to be halted in the Senate because…


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CCDP Meet Candidates & GOTV Rally

Despite predictions of one of the worst storms of the year, on October 13 Cumberland County Democrats turned out to hear candidates Amos Powers (US House), Betty Vaudt (TN Senate) and Judy Barnett (TN House) and to discuss getting out the vote. Terry Adams, former candidate for US Senate and a member of Gordon Ball’s campaign team, addressed the audience sharing some history of TN politics as well as Democratic goals for the future, and stressing the importance of voting and utilizing…


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Meet Candidates and Get-Out-The-Vote Rally

F I G H T  B A C K!



MONDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2014, 6:30 PM




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Ball wants NRA validation over intelligent endorsemants

I just heard on NPR in Nashville that candidate Gordon Ball challenged Lamar Alexander. His gun versus Alexander's piano playing. I think Gordon needs to calm down and listen to a little Bach (played on piano). He might find that he's able to think more effectively and speak more intelligently!

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Fight Back - Vote!

We’re preachin’ to the choir asking you to fight back with your votes.  If you are reading this page you are likely a loyal Democrat committed to voting.  You are aware of the dismally low number of Democrats who voted in the August 7th election which cost us dearly when some of the best-qualified candidates were defeated simply because too many Democrats stayed home.  In Cumberland County, the Republicans and the Tea Party have created a climate where we feel more outnumbered than we really…


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