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Trousdale County Democratic Party will reorganize on March 24th

The Trousdale County Democratic Party will hold its reorganization meeting on Tuesday, March 24th at 6:30 pm.  We will meet in the Trousdale County Courthouse, 200 E. Main St., Hartsville, TN 370874.

New County Officers and Executive Committee members will be elected.  All Democrats welcome!

For more information call Jim Falco, 615-374-0416

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Are we as democrats still dedicated to all those Men and Women of God who have taken up their covenant oaths to defend true Liberty, Freedom, and Justice?

The Constitution and Declaration of Independence was and is a covenant between the people of America and their Heavenly Father. It was written for a Christian people who are fully able to internally govern themselves. Thus, the meaning of a Republic that was inspired by God’s Word and spells out the mission of God’s children on Earth.

As of then, we need to be as dedicated to all those Men and Women of God who have taken up their covenant oaths to defend true Liberty, Freedom, and…


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The Cumberland County Democratic Party will hold a Biennial Reorganization Convention to elect new leaders on Monday, March 23, 2015 at 5:00 PM.  The meeting will take place at the Crossville Housing Authority facility at 67 Irwin Avenue in Crossville. 

Local Democrats will elect a new Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Executive Committee for Cumberland County for a two-year term.  Members will also discuss the party’s agenda and events for 2015. All…


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Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey Rigged Committee with “Death Squad” To Kill Insure Tennessee

In an overt snub to Governor Bill Haslam, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey stacked the State Senate’s Health and Welfare Committee with “no” votes to kill Insure Tennessee, the Governor’s proposed health care plan.

Rather than working with his own party’s Governor on his top legislative priority and providing hardworking Tennesseans with access to quality, affordable health care, Ramsey rigged the Senate Health and Welfare Committee by removing three health care professionals and the…


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A Failure of Leadership

Yesterday was a truly a low point in our state’s history. 

With one vote in a senate committee, seven Republican senators made a decision to shut the door to critical healthcare for over a quarter of a million hard working Tennesseans.



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John Birch Society Redux--with a vengence

The Tea Party insists that the government wants to control every aspect of the lives of private citizens. They demand that states' rights and sovereignty trump anything that hints at collectivist control by the federal government, and there is a conspiracy around every corner we must be ever vigilante to stop.

They want no part of the United Nations for fear the United States would come under the control of a global government. They oppose the redistribution of wealth in the form of…


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Nashville's Mayor likes guns, be they illegal or otherwise

Amongst the Mayors of the twenty five most populous cities in America, most of the Mayors are members of an organization called "Mayors against illegal guns." That's pretty simple, isn't it? They're not against guns, they're against illegal guns. Of the twenty five, I've been able to identify seven who do not belong to the group. I guess that means they are in favor of illegal guns. Most are Republicans but there are two who call themselves Democrats. The Mayor of Dallas is one and our own…


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Jeb Bush and Terry and Michael Schiavo

RE: Jeb Bush and Terry and Michael Schiavo: The real issue, in my opinion, is that Jeb Bush will push his conservative religious beliefs, even if they cause inhumane suffering and anguish to others. Jeb Bush's self defining version of "Godliness," is a version without humanity. We already have far too much of that.

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Dear Members of the Tennessee Democratic Party

Dear Members of the Tennessee Democratic Party, I will be sharing two videos, that has cause a stir in the internet, I do feel it is work your time to view them. This is in respect to the man we call, "The One"

The Network, and the team members have placed on line two videos that took me by surprise. In the on going search for a truth, it was found that Christians and Muslims Prophecy Against the New World Order. this was hidden within the two Books of Religion.

Now Christians…


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It is the worst... and we can beat it.

    Of all the evils the Republicans have been promoting, the worst, in my opinion, is voter suppression. There is almost zero voter fraud in the nation, yet the Republicans continue to make it more difficult for the young, women, the elderly, and minority groups to vote. This is a crime against democracy, itself.

   This evil can be defeated through concerted, cooperative efforts, by all groups impacted by these suppression activities. These efforts must not wait until until the…


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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America meeting

This Saturday, January 24, the Tennessee Chapter of Moms demand Action for Gun Sense in America will be meeting at East End Methodist Church from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. The meeting place will be at 1212 Holly St. in Nashville 37206. The meeting will include information concerning existing gun laws in Tennessee as well as what will be proposed in the current session of the Legislature.



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Absolutely Horrid Idea, Sets the Nation Back 150 Years

   Senator Alexander (R-TN), has introduced legislation that eliminates any obligation of any State to provide equitable access for all students to effective teachers, high-quality curricula and instruction, college preparatory courses, or indeed any of the hallmarks of a world-class education. To make matters worse, he removes any provisions empowering parents, communities, or the federal government to do anything…


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We MUST have better Communication with the voters.

During the last several years the Democratic Party, nationally, and in several states, have spent most of their communication resources attacking the Republican officeholders. It has not been particularly effective, if we use election results, except for the President. The attacks have not been relevant to the interests of the voters or very well done. As important, if not more so, our communication resources have not been well spent on telling our story, why we are better for the needs and…


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A TNDP Trailblazer

I’m more than half way through my first full week as chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party and what an exhilarating week it’s been! So far I’ve met with staff (together and individually), talked on the phone a lot, helped to rally the troops at the …


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Democracy depends on a strong middle class

The middle class is under attack by the financiers, bankers and corporate giants like the Koch brothers. Why else would there be such a push by Republicans and their puppeteers to repeal The Volker Rule that intends to minimize the chance of banks/bankers putting this country into another recession like in 2008? The previous check on banks, Glass-Steagall Act, limited the banking industry's ability to conduct commercial banking and investment banking. This act, passed as a result of the…


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Republicans tortured by Senate Torture Report

Needless to say, the GOP continues to circle the wagons even ten years later to avoid taking responsibility and being accountable for the acts of torture committed under the guise of "enhanced interrogation techniques."  Not only are they acts of torture, but rise to the level of war crimes for which the shills on the right will do anything to keep the actors from facing the world court--both of public opinion and legal tribunals.


But then, the last time an imperial…


Added by Richard Conover on January 13, 2015 at 1:51pm — 1 Comment

Party Officers

These are the officers who were elected on Saturday that I found by searching various news outlets:

Mary Mancini – Chair

John Litz – Vice Chair

Gail Jones Carson - Secretary

Wade Mundy – Treasurer

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??NEW TNDP Chairman??

I heard Mary Mancini was elected TNDP chairman on 6/10/2015.

?Is it true?

We had terrific candidates and it seemed like a good process of candidacy and voting.

Mary will do a terrific job if it is true.

Terry and Lenda would also have done terrific work.

Hope to see big changes and lots of 2015 activity as we recruit candidates for 2016 at the local, state and federal level.

Added by Mary M Headrick on January 11, 2015 at 1:15pm — 1 Comment

The Tennessee Hall Income tax

With the beginning of the new year--and new legislative session manned by some of the most reactionary forces in history, it is a given that the legislature will be pursuing the elimination of the Hall income tax.   With the constitutuional amendment barring any form of income tax, it is a given that the Hall income tax will be next--especially since it targets the wealthy "job creator" class who contributed record funds to the election campaigns of the GOP.


The Hall income…


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Corporate taxes--and corporate benefits?

I read with interest about the various corporations which are proposing moving their "headquarters" function to other nations with lower taxes to avoid paying taxes to the United States government.  This puzzles me.


One of the tenets of our foreign policy is to maintain stable access to international markets for United States corporations. This means keeping the sea lanes open and preventing other nations from blocking access to their markets. The most powerful means to do…


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