C'mon, Democrats!! rally to defeat the Republicans destroying this state and nation

For a lack of any other forum, I am hoping this venue may offer a chance for my opinions to make a difference, and if not widely read, at least I'll have the satisfaction of venting.  Also, I will not waste time writing to my Representative and Senators with my opinions, but will direct them to read them here.

Background:  I live in the 6th Congressional District represented by Representative Diane Black. (I'm forever puzzled by her self-identification as a "Congressman" and wonder if there's a sexual identity crisis, or some form of envy?) who seems to think she only represents those voters who cast their vote for her.  When she was elected in November 2012, she received approximately 185,000 votes.  Given that the population then was roughly 315,000,000, and there are 435 congressional districts, she received the votes of about 25% of the residents of the 6th district.  What about the other 540,000 of us whom she has ignored or worse by taking positions completely opposite what the polls would tell her?  So, when I write or call her office to express a position, the answer is always polite, but Ms. Black remains on the same path.

It is time...no, it is IMPERATIVE that the truly silent majority awaken and take action to defeat Ms. Black (and EVERY other Republican from Tennessee) in the next election.  We need to demand that the homeless who are otherwise eligible to vote get the chance to vote. We need the minorities who are targets of the Republican Party, either through imposing voting restrictions in the name of "voter fraud," or hatred of anyone not like them ("them" is obvious when panning the crowds at the GOP Presidential Convention last year.)  Major players in the Republican Party have awakened to the need for the party to stop  alienating such groups if it is to survive, but the message is not getting through.  And perhaps it is telling that Ms. Black seems to strive to be labeled as a male, when her votes are totally consistent with the Republican Party's war on women. 

Looking ahead to November 2014, it is now that we must begin targeting the various voting blocs that can help us defeat these ideologues and shills for big business. It is now that we must begin moving to get them registered to vote. 

We cannot afford--as individuals and  as a nation--to allow these throw-backs to the Gilded Age to remain in office. 

Today's issue--the Farm Bill which was passed by the House of Representatives yesterday, stripped Food Stamp funding for those who most clearly need it--the members of families with children who work, BUT retained the funding for government grants to "farmers" some of whom are members of Congress that receive federal funds while sitting as representatives.  Ms. Black, where is your sense of integrity?

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Comment by Helen Standifer on July 19, 2013 at 9:46pm

We know how evil the repubs are. But where are the democratic candidates?

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