Call the Tea Party Members of Congress what they really are

I live in the Sixth Congressional District represented by Diane Black--a strong advocate for the Tea Party agenda. To say I am stuck is an understatement but then, when considering that of the approximately 690,000 residents of this district that she is supposed to represent, she seems focused on only representing the 184,000 who voted for her in 2012. Sorry, CongressWOMAN Black, you were elected to represent all the people in your district.

I read this morning that CongressWOMAN Black has decided to donate her pay to the Wounded Warrior Prioject. How noble!!! How sacrificial for one whose worth is shown in the tens of millions of dollars. Except, when one considers that the Wounded Warrior Project promises to take care of veterans, and a donation of just $19 a month will meet all veterans's needs, why is the Department of Veterans Affairs budget $132 BILLION? Seems the government could contract out/ PRIVATIZE its responsibilities for a whole lot less. And yet, the Wounded Warrior Project shows over a hundred full time employees...which begs the question, how much of that $19 a month goes to their salaries? Secondly, one of its strongest public endorsements  comes from Trace Adkins, a Republican; Do I hear an endorsement of Diane Black in the next campaign in return for her generosity towards WWP? 

Many Mainstream Republicans, including Karl Rove and Bruce Bartlett have called these Tea Partiers to task for what they are doing. Words from even moderate Republicans are extreme--"anarchist," "secessionist," obstructionist," "extremist," "neo-confederate," but to this mix there is one title has been avoided up to now. Consider the following: 

1. An act appear to be intended—

(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; or,
(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;
2. and occurs primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. 
constitute two of the three elements of domestic terrorism stated in 18 USC 2331. The third element could be met with words like malfeasance or negligence. 
These people need to be called out as domestic terrorists--we don't negotiate with terrorists--and for which the President is to be commended.
But for those who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies--both foreign and DOMESTIC, there should be a discussion of why they should not be labeled as enemies of the Constitution--and then, what--precedent setting--action constitutes that defense of the Constitution.

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Comment by Hank Jordan on November 23, 2013 at 6:38pm

Well a Tea Party Agenda....What if i was to share with you that the Tea Party is fighting to be free of Republican Control. just simple people who as you are tired of all the crap and the lies, and as of now only point the fingers at those in Office and not the people of the different parties.

 I am a Independent, and a independent thinker. There is a foundation within a New Tea Party, a Independent Forum being built by Democrats and Republicans, who as of now seek to protect the very foundation of the two parties in office because of some miss-guided goal of a one party government concept. All so they wish to bring forward another forum into play.

 Soon I will share the truth and lie with Government by the hands of the two controlling parties in office.

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