Dr.Mary Headrick, candidate 3rd District Congress

Dr.Mary Headrick for Congress TN 3rd District

Join us to engage voters of the eleven counties that compose the sprawling area of Congressional District 3: Scott, most of Campbell, Morgan, Union, Anderson, Roane, Monroe, McMinn, Polk, Hamilton and southern Bradley.

The hard-working and law-abiding majority and retirees need representation.  Currently the Special Interests, ultra-wealthy individuals and large corporations get the representation.  Congress is broken.  It is time for change.

Dr. Mary Headrick will represent the people of District 3.  Help spread the message.  Please visit the campaign web-site where visitors can volunteer, donate, examine the platform of positions.  Thanks.

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Comment by Patricia Combs on October 29, 2014 at 11:42am
Comment by Patricia Combs on May 1, 2014 at 9:10am

Dr. Mary Headrick has issued a press release this morning 5/1/14. Hopefully you can all see it in the newspaper soon.

Dr. Mary Headrick calls Refusal to Expand Medicaid a Shameful Moral Failure”

Chatt TN. 5/1/2014 Dr. Mary Headrick calls Tennessee's refusal to expand Medicaid t...o serve hundreds of thousands of our citizens “ a shameful moral failure” and asks the people of the 3rd District to support “Moral Monday” rallies in Tennessee. It's time to end this shameful political theater that does nothing but hurt the people of Tennessee. A Moral Monday Rally will be held in Athens, TN, in front of the McMinn County Courthouse on Monday, May 19 at high noon.

Headrick says, “ TN is losing hundreds of millions of dollars (between $300 million and $750 million to date) in Federal money because of nothing more than mean spirited politics. As many as two Tennesseans per day are dying needlessly because of losing access to healthcare. On one hand we rush in to help the victims of the storms we have seen in Tennessee in the last few days, but Tennessee's leadership will stand by and watching hundreds die this year because of their morally indefensible inaction on Medicaid Expansion.

“Our rural hospitals are facing closure because of indifference by the leadership in Tennessee. Haywood County Community Hospital has already announced it is ceasing inpatient and emergency services. The Affordable Care Act bases coverage on Medicaid Expansion or states setting up their own insurance exchanges, but Tennessee has done nothing but stand by, lose money, and let our people suffer.”

“The Moral Monday Rally will send a message for Tennessee to care for Tennesseans!”

Dr Headrick, at a recent lecture on Health Economics at the University of Tennessee, cited the example of a 56 year old woman who stays home to care for her disabled husband. They live on a fixed income of only $5600 a year and the food stamp (SNAP) benefit. With a history of breast cancer and family history of colon cancer, she cannot afford nor obtain health insurance. She cannot afford the mammogram and colonoscopy that she should have. In spite of her poverty, she does not qualify for traditional TennCare. Expanding Medicaid in Tennessee would provide that care.

Dr. Mary Headrick is the Democratic Candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 3rd District. She has a Degree in Mathematics from the University of Tennessee, an M.S. In Computer Science, a Medical Degree, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. She is also a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is unopposed in the Democratic Primary.

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