In the week since we launched, the new has been a great success. Daily visits to have more than quintupled. More importantly, nearly 400 people have joined, and we've seen a lot of great events, groups, and blog posts.

We would like to draw everyone's attention to the Ground Rules of There's also a link the the Ground Rules at the bottom of every page. If you have any questions about the Ground Rules, leave a comment on this post or email

Thanks for all that you do to make Tennessee blue!

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Comment by TNDP on April 13, 2009 at 4:15pm
Good point by the above comments. We've changed the ground rules to express a "preference" for real names, but you can still use a pseudonym or just your first name.

The real problem, as you point out, is trolls. We'll keep a close watch for trolling and show no mercy.
Comment by Sandy Lusk on April 9, 2009 at 2:21pm
I don't think using a real name should be mandatory. You all are in politics so you are used to using your real name, but for many in the private sector, there can be hell to pay, if they find out you are a liberal or Democrat.
For instance, two people had to leave IGTNT (I got the news today) at the Daily Kos because they were found out and work made it rough for them. One of the two, was the guy who started the series "i dunno", he wrote about thousands of our fallen on his own for years, and was forced to leave after someone outed him.

You will lose great talented writers, comments and readers, if you require real names. I know for sure, we would not have talented writers like: noweasels, twilight falling, greenies, spam nunn, labwitchy and sistwo, at IGTNT. All of these writers have important day jobs and guard their privacy.

I would suggest rethinking that rule. A much better way would be to ban anyone who is a troll. Throw them out just like they do at other sites. Gosh, we troll rate all night long on the IGTNT series at the Daily Kos. Insensitive comments, even if they are right, like those who mention the Iraq war is an illegal war, are troll rated and hidden. It is the easiest way to do it.

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