This kind of un-American and destructive behavior by the lunatic Tea Partiers and the inept and impotent Republican House leadership is why we need to defeat every Republican everywhere in 2014:

The House passed a short-term spending plan Friday morning that would continue funding government operations through mid-December but withhold funding for PresidentObama’s signature health-care law, firing the opening salvo in what promises to be a contentious 10 days of debate on Capitol Hill over extending government operations by only three months.


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Comment by Hank Jordan on November 23, 2013 at 7:06pm

I am sorry to report, but this was not by the hands of the Tea Party, lets just say that the Republican Party Officials passed the buck, for the blame game....most people do know that this Government does as it pleases, and only seeks to control through what even means at hand.

 Now this being said, you have a Republican run Tea Party Forum, and as of now a Independent Tea Party, being built by just people who blast not only Democrats in Office but also Republicans.

 The Independent Tea Party calls for freedom from the control of Government....It should also be noted that these Independent Tea Party Patriots seek a honest Health Care Reform, because all most all Americans know that the Health Care Bill was built by Republicans also...

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