Rep Carr and Sen Campfield have introduced legislation that would tax sex/adult business enterprises an additonal 25%...just because they sell sexually oriented items...

They are both well aware that these enterprises are protected  under the First Amendment--so why do they violate their oath of office by trying to violate the Constitution? To others they can be labeled as "enemies" of the Constitution.

Then, according to one source, "Representative Carr does not feel his proposed bill violates the First Amendment. In fact, he believes the bill will receive bi-partisan support in the legislature."  I'm sorry, but bi-partisan support has nothing to do with how Constitutional a bill is. Then they get upset when the judicial branch demands accountability to THE CONSTITUTION, instead of their stupidity.

But the real question is when there are so many other more pressing issues in this state, why are the Republicans so d*** interested in what goes on in peoples' personal lives? and in their pants? This is the party of smaller, less intrusive government? (Except when it involves others' morality.)




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