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Strengthen Social Security, don't destroy it.

Some of our Democratic politicians (sadly, including Obama) are talking about Social Security going broke, reducing benefits, chained CPI etc. This is all a game by the Banker class people. They want to get their hands on that pot of money. Remember when Bush Jr. wanted privatize S.S.? Just imagine what would have happened to the S.S. fund when we had the big crash in 09'. All of that money would have disappeared and the Bankers would have made off with even more of our money. It's the same game Romney uses on businesses, bankrupt the company and walk away with the pension funds.

We need to let politicians people know that if you reduce or privatize SS you do so at the risk of your political career. Bankers are raking in money while the middle class withers. According to Bernie Sanders and many others if we raise the SS tax ceiling it will solve any and all SS issues. If we aren't careful the Banker class will put S.S. on the chopping block. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE IT!

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Comment by James Marziotti on November 27, 2013 at 10:39pm

I feel that rolling back payments is just going to give the Right more ammunition to claim that Social Security system is financial trouble. I was against the Obama cut in SS tax for the same reason. There is a gigantic amount of wealth being generated on the backs of low wage workers that should be tapped into. WalMart and many other multi-billion dollar corporations are amassing great fortunes while paying poverty wages. The government is stuck paying for the workers health care, food, etc. In the 50s and 60s the tax structure for corporations was paying a much larger share of the tax base and the economy was booming for a larger share of the population. The middle class was sharing in the bounty.  Now the big corporations are raking in profits but  bulk of the money goes to the top .1%. They don't get taxed anywhere near what they paid 50 years ago.

It's a simple premise. Allow more people to share in the wealth and the money churns faster in the economy. The S.S. taxes would be replenished faster and the solvency issues would get pushed back beyond our lifetimes. In my mind austerity measures are just rewarding the bankers and financiers for their bad behavior and putting the burden on those who can afford it the least and don't deserve to be punished.

Comment by Hank Jordan on November 23, 2013 at 6:54pm

There is a way to save Social Security and balance the economy at the same time...its Called a 10% Roll Back in Payments....the 10% goes to the end of your retirement payments to extend the service for people....but to get Government Officials to see this as a honest balance that will help is another story.

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