Will long lines sink new voter ID law? I highly doubt it but long lines may keep many from Regestring..

Not familiar with Voting Rights Act,’ says Tennessee official
Getting a driver’s license in Tennessee is a test of skill and endurance, but I’m not talking about the road test or written exam, I’m talking about the crazy long lines.

On Friday, I joined 40 people in an outdoor line at 6340 Summer Ave about 12:30 p.m. We huddled together outside of the service center for nearly two hours, standing one-behind the other in 90-plus degree temperatures and punishing humidity. There were no chairs, no water and no restroom breaks. As I steamed, my hair gallantly fought off frizz.

The security guard called four to five customers at a time inside, where we then stood in a second line for 45 additional minutes. It was then we received a customer number and the official wait began. (The Tennessee Department of Public Safety does not officially begin tracking its customer wait time until patrons receive this service ticket. Up to that point, we were just there visiting and hanging out.)


My comment: First of all anyone who has experienced long lines need to report the informaiton to the TNDP...hopefully they will know how to best use the informaiton. Secondly the TNDP need to be all over this issue. We can't wait till closer to election time to get started.

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