Executive Committee


Hendrell Remus

Rachel Campbell
Vice Chair



Carol V. Abney

Pamela Weston

East Tennessee Regional Vice Chairs

Debbie Harley-McClaskey

Ryan Scofield

Middle Tennessee Regional Vice Chairs

Dr Michelle V. Brown

Charles Uffelman

West Tennessee Regional Vice Chairs

Jasmine Boyd

Dave Cambron

District Level Committee- End of term is September 2026 unless indicated below

District 1

Dr. Patricia Waters

Jack Waggett

District 2

Pamela Weston

J. Nathan Higdon, PhD

District 3

Debbie Harley-McClaskey

Jeff Clark

District 4

Lori Love

Terry Marek

District 5

Anne Backus

Jack Vaughn

District 6

Sylvia Woods

Mark Siegel

District 7

Virginia Couch

Dennis Francis

District 8

Barbara Wagner

Rodney Fugate

District 9

Marjorie Ramsey

Vacant- term ends 2024

District 10

Raquetta Dotley 

Chris Anderson

District 11

Rachel Campbell

Ryan Scofield

District 12- terms end 2024

Carol Abney

Seth McMillan

District 13

Kimberli Rose Jensen

Jonathan Yancey- ends 2024

District 14

Jane Tucker

Erick Huth- term ends 2024

District 15

Anne Ferrell Quillen

Troy Smith- term ends 2024

District 16

Rupa Blackwell- term ends 2024

Bobby Bush

District 17

Mary Alice Carfi

Aubrey Givens

District 18- terms end 2024

Megan Lange

Thomas Whisenant

District 19

Dr Michelle V Brown

Jonathan Saad- term ends 2024

District 20

Lee Jones

Kris Murphy

District 21

Jolie Grace Wareham

John Summers

District 22

Karen Sorenson

Charles Uffelman

District 23- terms end 2024

RaCarol Woodard

Zach Kinslow

District 24-terms end 2024

Virginia House

Mark Flake

District 25

Patsy Johnson

Toney Campbell- term ends 2024

District 26

Meryl Rice

Randall Rice

District 27- terms end 2024

Jennifer Haile

Kiran Sreepada

District 28

Vicki Hale

Seth Campbell

District 29

Allison Brownlee

Darrick Harris

District 30

Jasmine Boyd

Allan Creasy

District 31

Sarah Freeman

Dave Cambron

District 32

Deborah Reed

John Edwards- term ends 2024

District 33

Rosemary Winters

Jon Carroll

DNC Members
2024 DNC Member elections take place
January 27, 2024 

Hendrell Remus, Chair- current term ends January 2025

Rachel Campbell, Vice Chair- current term ends January 2025

Bill Owen, East TN- current term ends August 2024

Wade Munday, Middle TN- current term ends August 2024

Deborah Reed, West TN- current term ends August 2024

Visit this form for more information on running for DNC.

Ex-Officio Members

Sen. London Lamar
State Senate Democratic Caucus

Rep. John Ray Clemmons
State House Democratic Caucus

Jordan Wilkins
Tennessee Democratic County Chairs Association (TDCCA)

George Boyington
Tennessee Young Democrats

Walker Kinsler
Tennessee College Democrats

Dr Marisa Richmond
Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women

What is the TNDP Executive Committee?

There are two Democratic representatives from each State Senate district elected during the Gubernatorial State Primary every four years. We welcome all bona fide Democrats to represent your community by running to sit on TNDP’s Executive Committee!